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“Best Wishes” – Yulia 

As I sit listening to Yulia’s newest release “Best Wishes” (July 14, 2023) and just two tracks in, one word came to my mind, BRILLANT!

I hadn’t even gotten half way into the album and was instantly blown away by Yulia’s gift and her passionate musicianship. Not only that, she has included other amazing musicians, (Sekou Bunch, Timothy Bailey Jr., Darrel Crooks, Gordon Campbell, James Gadson, James Manning, Andre Frappier, David Brunelle, Steve Alaniz, Vandell Andrew, Alexey Nikolaev, Merlon Devine, Sergey Ignatov), to add to her vision of this album and she definitely chose the right ones. 

When choosing producers for a project, they have to see and hear your vision and really feel the spirit of your music and Yulia definitely found that in producers Lew Laing Jr., Michael B. Sutton and Sergey Ignatov. So much warmth and subtle power in each track.  I heard something different and refreshing in each song.  Sometimes a song can be too overpowering, too much is added and you can lose sight of it that is not the case with “Best Wishes”, it is sexy in its delivery. Yulia’s playing has an intimate, caring touch, whether it is a straight away piano or keyboard, there is no mistaking her love of the music she creates, and it shines through each track. 

So, I jotted down a few of my favorites on this album; “When There’s Nothing Left to Say”, the cool sounds of the saxophone throughout this song was so beautiful and was a perfect fit to lead in and take you into another space. Next, “Keep the Faith”, the light but powerful touch of Yulia’s keys and subtle builds were strategically placed so beautiful I had to listen twice. 

Although I named my two favorites, make no mistake that each of these ten (10) tracks, including her most recent single, “Two Rivers”, are so uniquely and masterfully done that listening to them will give you, as it has given me, a refreshed appreciation for real, pure music and musicianship. In music, your vision needs to be clear and concise but, without true emotion added, the listening audience won’t feel it either. I feel each and every track on “Best Wishes”, Yulia is music!

Yulia shared with me in conversation, that of the ten (10) songs on this album, seven (7) of them visited various international music competitions, receiving high marks from judges and prestigious awards such as: World Songwriting Awards, International Indie Songwriting Contest and the International Christian Film & Music Festival just to name a few, which is a testament to the brilliance of Yulia’s music. 

I high recommend that you add Yulia’s “Best Wishes” to your music collection. It will be a delightful addition. 

To learn more about Yulia and her music, please visit her website:  Also, be sure to follow her on Twitter and Instagram: Yulia_Pianist and YouTube: @YuliaPianistComposer. 

Paulette Jackson

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