Pianist ~ Composer


Yulia Petrova's extraordinary journey as an artist and composer continues to unfold with breathtaking grace, driven by her innate musical talent and unwavering devotion to her craft. Her connection with music ignited at a tender age of five when her fingers first danced across the piano keys. A prodigious gift became evident as she composed her own melodies by the age of eight, laying the foundation for a future filled with artistic brilliance.

Her path led her to the renowned Novosibirsk music conservatory in Russia, where she honed her musical passion and skill. While her formal studies delved deep into the world of Classical music, Yulia's insatiable curiosity led her to explore a rich tapestry of genres – from Rock and Blues to Fusion and Jazz. This expansive exploration would later shape her unique and versatile musical identity.

But Yulia's education extended beyond the confines of the classroom. Her journey intertwined with live performances alongside local bands, an experience that refined her skills and enriched her understanding of music's universal language. Her compositions transcended mere notes, weaving vivid emotional narratives that resonated deeply with audiences.

In 2016, Yulia's debut single "Storm," featuring the renowned guitarist Sergey Ignatov, burst onto the scene, a testament to her undeniable sonic prowess and garnered widespread acclaim. This marked the beginning of a remarkable journey marked by accolades and acknowledgments, each serving as a testament to her extraordinary talent.

Succeeding releases such as "Where There Is Nothing To Say," "King Of Kings" (a collaboration with Joel McCray), and "For You" featuring Grammy Award-winning producer Madukwu Chinwah, continued to enrapture audiences and secure top positions in prestigious international competitions.

As the years unfolded, Yulia's artistry deepened and expanded. In 2021, "The Love Of God" radiated brightly at the Nieves International Christian Film Festival, while "For You" triumphed at the Barcelona International Film Festival. Her musical repertoire expanded with captivating singles including "Perfect Love," "Why Did It Come Out That Way?," "Goodbye," "Morning Melody," "Sign of Love," and "Under the Dancing Moon, Under the Singing Sky." These were but a prelude to her highly-anticipated debut Jazz album, "Best Wishes."

The year 2022 witnessed Yulia's journey ascending to new heights. She earned recognition as a finalist for the Smooth Jazz Network's esteemed "Breakout Artist of the Year" award. Her music resonated globally, securing places on top radio charts and amassing over 13 international awards. These accolades included the Intercontinental Music Awards' distinction for "Perfect Love" as the "Best Song of North America" in the Jazz genre. Similarly, triumphs at the World Songwriting Awards were bestowed upon her for "Sign of Love."


The LIT Talent Awards of 2022 saw Yulia shining across multiple categories, earning honors for "Best Female Artist," "Best Instrumental Music," and "Best Jazz Music" with "Sign of Love." The Global Music Awards also recognized her excellence, with "Why Did It Come Out That Way?" and "Under the Dancing Moon, Under the Singing Sky" securing silver medals in "Smooth Jazz," "Instrumentalist," and "Listener Impact: Entertainment Value" categories.

A luminous performance at Altea Rene's opening concert in December 2022 added yet another gleaming facet to Yulia's journey. As 2023 dawned, her song "Two Rivers" stood tall as the victor at the World Songwriting Awards, while "Keep the Faith" emerged triumphant at the International Christian Film and Music Festival. Notably, "For You" garnered an Honorable Mention in the Best Song category at the World Class Film Awards.

The release of Yulia's collaborative work with the DriveTime jazz band on "I Can't Forget You," unveiled on The Sound of L.A. Label, underscored the depth and resonance of her ongoing partnerships.

And amidst this journey, a defining moment arose on July 14th – the release of Yulia's album "Best Wishes." The album, a testament to her versatility and artistry, was meticulously crafted in collaboration with producers Sergey Ignatov, Michael B. Sutton, and Lew Laing Jr. The album showcased an ensemble of exceptional musicians, including luminaries like Sekou Bunch, Timothy Bailey Jr., Darrel Crooks, and more. Impressively, eight out of ten album tracks emerged victorious in various international festivals and the album won the Akademia Music Awards in August 2023 in the category "Jazz Album", two Gold Medals at the 2023 Global Music Awards, considered for a Grammy Award and won “Best Smooth Jazz Album” on World Entertainment Awards  in 2024. 

Also in 2024, together with Italian producer and composer Ricky Bolognesi, Yulia delights listeners with the new song “Only with You” featuring brilliant guitarist Lemek. The new song brings further victories at international film festivals, becomes a finalist in the World Songwriting Awards (“Best Instrumental Song”), and receives the Grand Award Winner as a Jazz Song at the Akademia Awards.

In March 2024, Yulia was recognized with four nominations for the Elite Music Awards: USA Artist Of The Year; Album Of The Year (“Best Wishes"); Yulia - Ricky Bolognesi. Collaboration Of The Year (“Only With You"); Yulia - Ricky Bolognesi. Single Of The Year (“Only With You")

April 2024 presented the opportunity to perform at the opening concert of Paula Atherton. The performance pleased sophisticated jazz lovers with its novelty and excellent content of Yulia's music.

Yulia's exceptional musical talent earned her two prestigious nominations in May 2024: ISSA's 'USA Female Album of the Year' and Josie Music Awards “Musician of the Year (piano/keyboards)” and “Album of the Year - Jazz”.

Looking forward, Yulia's journey continues to radiate brilliance and inspiration. Collaborations with fellow musicians, live performances, and the creation of new musical masterpieces remain steadfast pursuits. Yulia's impact as an artist and composer remains profound, a shining testament to her extraordinary talent and unwavering dedication to the world of music.