Best Wishes 


Best contemporary instrumental album

Best New Artist 


 Yulia's album "Best Wishes" has 10 tracks. Her music beautifully emerges from the intricate tapestry of her thoughts, emotions, and sensations. These three dimensions are not mere components but rather the essential building blocks of her creative process, with each composition serving as a profound reflection of her life, encapsulated in harmonious melodies.  

 For Yulia, the act of creating music is not just an artistic pursuit; it is her therapy. As she crafts each song, she delves deep into the realms of her own life experiences, traversing through memories and emotions, carefully weaving them into the very fabric of her compositions. This creative journey is akin to revisiting and reliving certain life situations, with each note and lyric serving as a vessel for her thoughts and feelings.  

Yulia firmly believes that this deeply personal approach to composing music allows her creations to resonate with listeners on a profound level. Just as we all possess the strings of our soul, Yulia's music seeks to strike a harmonious chord within the hearts of her audience.  

The album "Best Wishes" featured producers and musicians such as Lew Laing Jr., Michael B. Sutton, Sergey Ignatov, and musicians like Sekou Bunch, W Timothy Bailey Jr., Darrel Crooks, Gordon Campbell, James Gadson, James Manning, André Frappier, David Brunelle, Steve Alaniz, Vandell Andrew, Alexey Nikolaev, Merlon Devine, and Sergey Ignatov. 
The album won the Akademia Music Awards in August 2023, and eight songs from the album have individually won at various international festivals such as the World Songwriting Awards, InterContinental Music Awards, Global Music Awards and others …

“Listening to her music is a rewarding experience, as it shows her extraordinary technique and natural talent as both an artist and composer.” ~ European Indie Music Network



 “Most of the extraordinary music that Yulia has released has crossed the borders of Smooth Jazz music into the universal realm of religion, society and has caused a positive change in so many ways." ~ NewMusicWeekly